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Rules for the acceptance of pets

Our regulation is intended as a supplement to that of the City of Roseto degli Abruzzi and does not want to be a boring series of "limitations and impediments", but a guide for the owners and their beloved pet, in order that all the guests of our hotels can live together in the best possible way, guaranteeing a pleasant 6-legged stay for everyone

Dogs of all races and all sizes are welcomed;  No limitation on the number of pet per room;  The presence of the animal must be communicated at booking or at check-in;

All check in:

  • The pet health card, remembering for dogs, is required in the booklet to indicate the identification number of the microchip;
  • The dog must be in compliance with the vaccinations provided for by the Italian legislation: parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis. (On holiday the fulfillment of these obligations can also be controlled by us hoteliers);
  • Certificate of good health and successful prophylaxis from internal and external parasites. (The request is justified by the obligation for us hoteliers to protect the health of other guests, humans or animals).
  • Copy of the insurance policy contract;

During the stay: 

  • Agree to clean the room by setting a time between 8.30 and 11.30;
  • When cleaning the room it would be preferable to accompany your pet or in case it is not possible your presence is important and the pet must be on a leash or in a cage;
  • Put the "Do not disturb" sign at the door, so no one will come in or knock on the door, causing the pet to shake unnecessarily;
  • If you leave the pet in the room alone, even for a short period of time, leave your telephone number to the reception staff, in case they hear your pet barking or mourning in the room;
  • It is forbidden to use the bed and bath linens for the animal (grooming, beds or other) ask at reception for sofa / bed cover or if you need a cot, they will be provided free of charge;
  • It is not possible to access the solarium and poolside area;
  • In the common areas of the hotel both inside and outside the relevant areas (parking, garden), the pet must be brought on a leash or in a cage and have him maintain an appropriate behavior;
  • Remember to arrive at the hotel equipped with the necessary bags to remove the dejections, it is mandatory to collect the solid dejections of their dogs in any area of ​​the Municipality of Roseto degli Abruzzi, they must be removed and deposited in the appropriate waste container;
  • It is absolutely forbidden to pick up the pet on the beds, armchairs, chairs, tables, we rely on common sense to not penalize the decor of the hotel (keep clean, do not leave food open, protect bedspreads and room furniture).
  • Pet owners accept full responsibility for damage that may result from the animals;
  • The behavior of the pet must be managed by the owner so as not to disturb other guests and must take care that your dog can not reach the neighboring subjects;
  • All the items of the pet lovers kit are the exclusive property of the Hotel Marina, each lack will be debited;
  • The management has the unquestionable right to allow or not access to some pets if deemed inadequate for cohabitation with others;
  • No access is allowed to dogs of an aggressive nature regardless of race or size;
  • It is strictly forbidden to access the hotel with pet in heat;
  • Pet should never be left unattended and free to roam; the liability (civil and criminal) for damages caused by the animal is of the owner;
  • It is mandatory to make a diligent use of the furnishings and not damage them, and any damage caused to the equipment and furnishings owned by the Hotel Marina and third parties will be adequately compensated by those who caused it;
  • The furnishings must remain where they have been positioned.


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