Abruzzo, the greenest region in Europe

Journey in the Nature of the Parks

Nobody like us, in Abruzzo, nature has given us a great gift, an excited territory with breathtaking views from the coast to the mountains that has given life to 3 National parks and a multitude of reserves and naturalistic oases. The spectacle offered by nature with its flora and fauna is not the only one you will meet in Abruzzo, because you will also discover how the Abruzzesi for millennia live in harmony within protected areas still preserve intact all traditions, craftsmanship, folklore

National Park

National Park of Abruzzo Lazio and Molise

national park of abruzzoThe land of the Bears & Wolves

The Marsican brown bear and the wolf are the symbol of Abruzzo and the National Park of Abruzzo that with more than 700 kilometers of trails to be walked either on foot or on horseback allow you to admire magnificent unspoiled and wild environments.

It is advisable to join the Bear Visitor Center in Villavallelonga (AQ) where you can learn more about the Marsicano Brown Bear.

Contacts of the Abruzzo and Lazio Regional Park of Abruzzo: telephone +39 086391131 - info@parcoabruzzo.it - ​​Via S.Lucia - 67032 Pescasseroli (AQ)

National Park

Gran Sasso Monti della Laga

Do not miss when you are in Abruzzo.

The solemn tops of the Gran Sasso d'Italia starting from Campo Imperatore, also called "the little Tibet" is to visit absolutely or a visit to the castle of Rocca Calascio Ladyhawke scenery, starting from Roseto degli Abruzzi can be reached very easily by car and is a half-day excursion.

Contacts of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park: telephone +39 086260521 - info@gransassolagapark.it - ​​Via del Convento - 67010 Assergi (AQ)

Regional Park

Sirente Velino Regional Park

regional park sirente velinoThe Rocche plateau is the heart of the Regional Park of Sirente Velino  where in spring the bloom of daffodils is a natural spectacle not to be missed. The Park is an almost perfect mix where flora, fauna, archaeological sites and monasteries make it an outdoor ecomuseum.

The karst caves of Stiffe in San Demetrio ne 'Vestini (AQ) not yet fully explored are open to the public and the guides will make you explore most of the caves in complete safety.

Contacts of the Sirente Velino Regional Park: telephone +39 08629166 - info@sirentevelino.it - ​​Viale XXIV maggio - 67048 Rocca di Mezzo (AQ)

National Park

Majella National Park

La Majella, the mother mountain is considered sacred for Abruzzo and the Abruzzesi that since ancient times frequented the second highest peak of the Appenino, the Majella. We are in the kingdom of wolves, symbol of the Majella National Park  

The forest of Sant Antonio imposing beech forest considered sacred forest dedicated to Jupiter protected by the State as "natural beauty" is located near Pescocostanzo (AQ) is to be visited absolutely.

Contacts of the Majella National Park: telephone +39 086425701 - info@parcomajella.it - ​​Via Badia - 67032 Sulmona (AQ)


If you are looking for amusement parks, you are spoiled for choice

Amusement parks Abruzzo

During your holiday in Roseto degli Abruzzi why not spend a different day? There are 4 of them near Roseto degli Abruzzi Luna Park for the whole family.

Beautiful theme parks, educational farms or even water park where to cool off in the summer! The recent Adventure Park Cerrano is a beautiful and fun adventure park designed to entertain both young children and adults in safety, all in a beautiful natural setting the Parco Filiani di Pineto.

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