only in Abruzzo you can do it

From the sea to the mountain, on the same day!

If I told you that in the morning you could take a walk in the mountains and in the afternoon a swim at the beach, would you take me seriously? Difficult to think, two opposing landscapes, yet in Abruzzo so close to give you this possibility.

A very suggestive itinerary, for lovers of high altitude trekking, where you will admire breathtaking views that will remain etched in your mind and heart for a long time.

You have to leave early, so the night before you try not to go to bed very late. Also, for once, you will not have breakfast at the hotel but, on the day before, you have bought something for breakfast (I recommend yogurt with cereals and bread with jam or chocolate or, if you prefer, ham) and asked the hotel to prepare a sandwich and some fruit that you will bring as a snack.

At 7 try to leave - remember a lot of water, at least 2 liters per person, hiking shoes, hat and sunscreen, a t-shirt, a light long or short pants, a fleece, a windbreaker and a k-way and, if you have , the sticks - to be able to stay at 8.30 in Fonte Vetica.

The path is simple, marked (although I always recommend to bring a map with you), but hard, so you need a minimum of training. It winds along the Vradda valley and at a good pace, in about 2 and a half hours, you will be at the top.

The show is unique: from the top the view extends from one side over the entire province of Teramo and Pescara and the Adriatic Sea in the distance, from the other towards the west you can see Campo Imperatore and other peaks of the Gran Sasso in its southern part, the Corno Grande, the Maiella and the Sirente-Velino. Surely you will be able to see even some chamois. On the way back (ring route) you will find the wonderful balconies, vertiginous views of the Teramo side, and Mount Tremoggia (altitude 2.350 meters) from which you can admire the famous "Dente del lupo".

Take the SS 150 towards Basciano, then the A24 and exit at Assergi. Here take the road to Campo Imperatore, continue on the national road 17 bis but instead of turning at the crossroads for Campo Imperatore, go straight and the road will take you to Fonte Vetica, the departure of your excursion today.

The goal is to reach the summit of Monte Camicia, altitude 2.564 meters, the fifth highest in the Gran Sasso chain and one of the most striking. The path to the summit is short, about 5 kilometers, but the difference in altitude is considerable (almost 1000 meters!).

At the junction of Fonte Fredda you will return to the starting point, Fonte Vetica. The excursion will last 5 and a half hours more or less. You will be very tired and, before returning to the sea, I recommend a stop at the restaurant "Mucciante", nearby, where there are waiting for various fornacelle on which to cook the roast that you can buy at the restaurant, and maybe accompany them with a nice beer. For the return I suggest you to do another road, with more curves but definitely more beautiful. Follow the signs for Castel del Monte, then turn at the first junction left on the provincial road 37 towards Rigopiano: you will pass a beautiful forest, then turn at the junction on the left that will lead you to the village of Castelli and, from here, you will return to the beach , for a nice dip in the sea.

Seen in a day a mountain walk and a swim at the sea: only here, only in Abruzzo!


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