In our hotel all pets are welcome!

Pet Friendly hotel in Abruzzo

We at Hotel Marina have always been a Pet Friendly Hotel in Abruzzo, our hotel as well as our staff is animal friendly! In our hotel we accept dogs, 4-legged friends are really welcome 🙂 because we love dogs so much that we owners of the Hotel Marina have and live together with our two beloved dogs, Lady a pinscher toy and Akira a rottweiler ! We have always given great importance to the concept of hotel dogs allowed which for us means all welcome, no one excluded, for this reason we were also one of the first hotels that accept large dogs and all breeds, we make no distinction, for us we are pet lovers could not be that way, it comes naturally to us, we all love! We have created and dedicated special attention to those who want to eat with their dog, in fact we are a hotel that accept dogs in the dining room dedicated to our 6-legged guests.

We like to be able to say that the Marina Hotel was one of the very first hotels of Roseto degli Abruzzi dog friendly or to put it in the traditional way, hotel that accepts pets ! Our experience as hoteliers combined with awareness of the needs of those who do not want to leave the dog at home during the holidays, has allowed us over the years to become a reference point for those looking for a hotel pets allowed.

We do not just accept and welcome the dogs of our guests, but we also try to offer useful services to give greater comfort to both the dog and his master, for example all our rooms have large balconies so as to allow your dog to live with more space the holiday!

In our pet friendly hotel or dog friendly hotel dogs are welcome even at the beach, we are a hotel with a dog beach having a special agreement with the first dog beach of Roseto degli Abruzzi, we can guarantee discounts to our guests who want to use services dedicated to dogs at the beach. We offer many services (for a fee) by reservation, if you are wondering what are the services for your dog, we are a hotel with a dog-sitter service and we have special offers for those looking for animal holidays. Contact us to receive offers or last minute, for a beach holiday or even a weekend.

pet lovers services


available paper roll - vinyl gloves - bowl - information on walks and services available



Agreement with the beach equipped for dogs so you can take it with you always, even on the beach.

Dog room


Rooms with large and comfortable balcony



corner of the garden dedicated to the pet where to let them play and leave them free

dog room


comfortable bed, a mat with a bowl for food and water



a dining room reserved for 6-legged guests where the furry friend can keep you company during meals

open air


Area sgambo is for the exclusive use of the 6-legged guests of our hotel

Extra pet services on request and for a fee


specialized clinic of trust (paid)


dog sitter service on reservation (for a fee)


outdoor service 350 meters from the hotel (for a fee)


menu for a personalized 4-legged diet (for a fee)


specialized dog educator (for a fee)

On holiday with your furry friend

4 legs welcome to the Marina

  • Do you accept dogs of any size?
  • Do you accept dogs of any breed?
  • Do you accept more than one dog per room?
  • Can the dog access the restaurant?
  • Do you have DOG SITTER?
  • Can dogs access the beach?
  • Can we leave them in the room alone?
  • Is there a cost surcharge for the dog?
  • Is there an internal tread area?
  • Are there any dog ​​walking area?
Do you accept dogs of any size?

YES, all dogs are welcome in our hotel, we make no exception to the "grandeur" of the dog, we love everyone!

Do you accept dogs of any breed?

YES, all the dogs are welcomed at the hotel marina, we like everyone no one excluded!

Do you accept more than one dog per room?

YES, all four-legged furry children can come on holiday

Can the dog access the restaurant?

YES, we have created a restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner with your furry friends

Do you have DOG SITTER?

YES, is a paid service that must be booked with an advance of at least 12 hours

Can dogs access the beach?

YES, the Municipality of Roseto degli Abruzzi was one of the first Municipalities in Abruzzo to provide itself with MUNICIPAL REGULATION FOR THE WELFARE OF ANIMALS AND FOR A BETTER CONVIVANCE WITH THE HUMAN COLLECTIVITY.

Can we leave them in the room alone?

YESif they are dogs used to being alone and do not bark

Is there a cost surcharge for the dog?

YES, the cost is 7 euros per day per pet

Is there an internal tread area?

YES, we have created an area equipped to make the dog move

Are there any dog ​​walking area?

YES, you are spoiled for choice, we are ready to recommend the most beautiful walks

Go on vacation with your dog without worries! We know very well, we also have 2 beautiful dogs, what can mean having to leave your 4-legged friend at home or away from us to go on vacation, that's why we were one of the first Pet Friendly Hotels in Abruzzo. We are happy to host your furry friends and to devote to you and their many services to make your stay comfortable. You no longer have to leave them at home and you can take them with you. We also offer the service of Dog Sitter in Roseto degli Abruzzi, in collaboration with external structures, we offer the possibility to use the service of Dog Sitter with qualified personnel, so that when you decide to want to "unplug" for a couple of hours, you can do it without any problem and the holiday is even more beautiful.

Today it has almost become a fashion to use words like "Hotel DOG Friendly or PET Friendly Hotel"Modern" terms to identify a hotel that accepts animals and offers dedicated services. And over the last few years, listening to the questions that our guests ask us before booking with us, we realized that in some cases they are the words "used" even by those who do not offer a true reception of animals. Unfortunately there is no "standard" that establishes what are the requirements for defining Dog Friendly or Pet Friendly, that's why we thought of a mini FAQ (answers to the most common questions).


500 meters from the hotel, you can easily reach a fully equipped veterinary clinic with an outpatient clinic, so in case of need and for any emergency, do not worry!

Shopping for your pet

Very close to our hotel, therefore also reachable on foot, you will find more than one pet shop equipped with everything you need for your 4-legged furry friend!

Always beautiful and clean

The grooming and pampering for your furry friend, very close to the hotel you will find a very professional and highly experienced toilet shop that will take care of your dog.

first beach equipped for dogs

Luna Rossa Welcome Dogs

The Luna Rossa Welcome Dogs it's the first one beach equipped for dogs in Roseto degli Abruzzi. A bathhouse entirely dedicated and organized to go to the beach with your dog, where you will find, a leisure area of ​​300 square meters with swimming pool and two dog educators who also take private lessons at the request of the client. Fenced umbrellas (suite) of 16 square meters are very comfortable to leave the dog untied and also dogs are allowed anywhere inside the establishment. A special shower for dogs, and on almost all Sundays they do dog events. For all the customers of our hotel who book a holiday and want to go to the beach at the Luna Rossa welcome dog have one 30% discount on list prices!

Look at the Welcome Dogs Beach Luna Rossa

If you're looking for a hotel in Roseto degli Abruzzi that accepts animals, you've found what's up for you and your furry friend!


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